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When you contact South Wave for a new installation or regarding an issue in an existing appliance or even to inquire or ask a general question about our products, you will immediately notice the difference in the way our staff responds to your queries and addresses your issues.

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Our technicians are certified professionals that are trained to offer the best possible service. They will take the time to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs and make sure its perfectly installed and will educate you and your family on how to properly use it.

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When it comes to choosing products to carry, we are very selective. We make sure that we offer and install various bidet products that are of great quality yet within a very affordable price range. We also charge lower installation fees than all of our compatitors so you get a great deal.


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Ambient water single knob

CAD 50.00 (out of stock)


Hot/Cold water 2 knobs

CAD 60.00

RB2000 female care nozel

Hot/Cold water 3 knobs

CAD 70.00

RB9000 female care nozel

Hot/Cold water 3 knobs

CAD 80.00

RB9000B female care nozel

Hot/Cold water 3 knobs

CAD 90.00


Spray Set Bidet

CAD 40.00


EVA bottle, 400ml

CAD 15.00


Ambient water Bidet

CAD 60.00

T8300 female care nozel

Bidet with Seat Cover

CAD 145.00 (out of stock)


Learn why you should use bidet.

Although bidets have been invented hundreds of years a go and are very common in many parts of the world, those amazingly important bathroom appliances are only starting to catch up very recently in north America. At first you may find the idea of a bidet unpleasant, anyone who has never used one does not realize just how great this bathroom appliance can be or what it offers. Here is a list of the benefits that people are experiencing and that explains why it is important to have and use this little invention:

  • Personal Hygiene and Cleaning

    Using dry toilet paper will always leave you unclean, and some residue usually remains on your skin. A bidet provides water which removes any residue left on your skin, and you will feel incredibly clean and refreshed instead of feeling like you are still dirty in some way. Nothing cleans like water.

  • Save Money and Reduce Toilet Paper Consumption

    When you install a bidet in any of your bathrooms, you will at minimum be saving 75% on Toilet Paper in that bathroom. You would still use a small amount of toilet paper to dry off when you are done but you will only use a fraction of the amount needed if you do not use a bidet.

  • Less Hand use and Touching

    Using your hands to cleanup yourself with toilet paper (although acceptable) but not particularly a pleasant experience. Using bidet will allow for an almost touch-less cleaning experience.

  • Prevent Clogs with a Bidet

    Using less toilet paper in general will reduce sewer pipes clogging. Using less toilet paper within a single bathroom use will definitely bring clogging issue down to near non.

  • An Environmentally Friendly Appliance

    On average a north American (American/Canadian) uses approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper every single day which translates to almost 60 million trees every year. Can you imagine how many trees we can save if we were able to drop our use of toilet paper by 80% or even 50%.

  • Easy to Use and Kids Friendly

    Using a bidet is very simple. It was made to ease and upgrade the cleaning process. Even young kids find it so easy to use and no need to call mom every time they want to go.

  • Give Seniors Independence

    When we get older, using the restroom can become a challenge. Some turn to family or care-givers for assistance with wiping. This can lower a person's self esteem , having to depend on someone else to use the toilet. A bidet seat can help restore confidence and helps seniors to regain their independence, not to mention reducing the duties of care givers.

  • Hemorrhoids Issues

    Statistics have shown that using water to cleanup your self will greatly reduce the chances of developing Hemorrhoids as opposed to using toilet paper on the other hand, If you already have Hemorrhoids then using water, is the most comfortable cleaning method. Many hemorrhoids sufferers use bidets with a lot of success. Less rubbing = less irritation.

  • Save on Detergents

    Believe it or not using bidet keeps your underwear cleaner and more hygiene for much longer. Even when its time to wash it no special treatment is necessary and no stains or leftovers.

  • Other Reasons

    There are many other reasons on why you should own a bidet, an example would be its ease of use and the comfort it offers for people with medical conditions such as weakness due to an accident or a disease or new mothers.

If you have never used a bidet before then its time invest in your family's and your own comfort and hygiene. If you can imagine the difference between wiping your car with paper napkins after a muddy drive or rinsing it with pressure clean water then we should say no more...


What our clients say about our products and service.

Spending a lot of holiday time in the middle east with my husband I have got used to using bidet type toilets and the cleanliness benefits that they bring, so I decided to look for an inexpensive solution after a quick search online this is what I found in Ottawa.

I picked the HB-50 Model which looked like of higher quality. They came to install it in my bathroom and within thirty minuets everything was in place. Could not be more satisfied.


We have just ordered the second hand hels set bidet to install in our guests bathroom and I can't praise it highly enough. Amazing product. So simple to use; so simple but effective in its operation.

I prefer the hand held model because I use it to clean the toilet bowel and the sink as well.

I am thinking of buying the portable bottle for when we travel..

.....Nadia Barry

A friend suggested that I would install a bidet for my mother after she had an accident and was not being able to easily wash-up after using the toilet. I called a plumber and asked him if he can install one which he did for $300. Although it was expensive but I never regret it. My mother loved it.

Last week and a year after I installed the bidet at my mom's place, I decided to install 2 in my own house. This time the cost was les than $250 for 2 bidets including installation.

.....Silvia J.

We also get lots of verbal comments such as "Where have you been before now", "I don't know how did I live without a bidet", "I never new about those appliances before", "I thought it would be much more expensive" and many other encouraging statements.

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